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Due to the overwhelming need for a national voice to protect our lifestyle, the Indiana Confederation of Clubs (INCOC) was born.
  Our goal is to preserve 'Basic Constitutional Rights' through educational seminars and public awareness. With our national information center we are able to educate our members and the public on a broader level. We provide support for issues that will impact our lifestyle, such as, safety projects, biker anti-discrimination bills, and legislation. With the assistance from the national network of AIM attorneys, we intend to pursue the constitutional rights of our members and restore the freedoms our fore fathers fought so hard for.

You must be a recognized motorcycle club or riding association in good standing with the dominant club (s) and other motorcycle clubs in your part of the state. Then you must attend 3 COC meetings before you can be voted for membership.

The COC only approves or disapproves membership into the COC they do not approve or disapprove any club patch.

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